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Nuon's Martial Arts

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations
Belt Test Requirements
Oath & Tenets
Belt Test
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1) No food or drinks are permitted inside the workout area.

2) Gum chewing is NOT permitted.

3) Please take off shoes and place them in the shoe rack before entering workout area.

4) Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled class time.

5) Uniforms should be kept CLEAN and NEAT and must be worn to every practice. Please do not eat in uniform.

6) Sparring gear, head gear, and protective cups (males only) are recommended for all ranks and mandatory for Orange belts and above.

7) For your SAFETY and the SAFETY of others, please do not horseplay or rough house in the studio at ANYTIME.

8) All junior students should show proper RESPECT and COURTESY for fellow students and guests in and out of class.

9) Always be well mannered and behave properly, and remind guest to do the same.

10) Parents, if you must LEAVE CLASS EARLY, check with the instructor prior to class for proper arrangements. Please do not disrupt class by taking your child personally from the group.

11) Children not involved in Martial Arts Instruction should be under adult supervision at all times. Please, we are not a babysitting service and must direct our attention to the students.

12) Please attend class on a regular basis.

13) Come to class with a positive attitude and a smile. Look for the good aspects in others. Bring encouragement and support. Let’s all work for a cohesive martial arts family. Leave your personal problems at home.

14) Show proper effort and spirit in the classroom.

15) Practice at home for better results.

16) Memorize and apply student oath and tenets.

17) Develop and maintain a positive well disciplined attitude.

18) While in uniform, the use of alcohol, cigarettes, or profanity is prohibited.

19) Please do not talk bad about other Karate studios in our community. It will not be tolerated.

20) Women must wear a T-shirt or Sports Bra under uniform top.

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